We provide a variety of cleaning services to people in Melbourne


Are you searching for the best cleaning company in Melbourne? Then you have come to the right place. 

We provide both residential and commercial cleaning services for the people in Melbourne. Our services are available to individuals who live in every corner of Melbourne, including the Melbourne Metro and Geelong region. 

No matter how small or big your cleaning task is, we will be able to undertake it and provide you with the best possible results at the end of the day.

Why should you think about getting our assistance for your cleaning needs?

When you do a simple research on the internet, you will come across few different cleaning companies. We provide a better service than those cleaning companies. Here are some facts available to prove the above-mentioned fact.

We can undertake any kind of a cleaning project

Cleaning projects come in all sizes and shapes. Our experts are in a position to undertake any kind of a cleaning project and make sure that you are happy with the outcome that you get at the end of the day. In other words, we provide residential as well as commercial cleaning services.

No lock-in contracts

You can get the cleaning services that we offer without being tied to any contract. This can provide you with the chance to obtain the services when you want it. Once you have the requirement, you can simply contact and go for it. This can help you to keep the peace of mind in the long run.

Trained professionals

You don’t need to worry about the quality of work that we offer. That’s because our company has got qualified professionals. Our staff is properly trained and they use the latest cleaning tools and equipment to provide an outstanding service to you. Therefore, you can go for what we provide without keeping any doubts in mind. We also monitor the compliance requirements of our cleaners.

We ensure safety

Our cleaners always stick to non-hazardous and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Therefore, you will never come across any safety risks when getting the services that we offer. 

Our services are affordable

Cleaning services offered by our experts are affordably priced. We have never compromised the quality of our services just because we need to provide them to you at an affordable price. Instead, we take pride in offering the best possible service to you at the most affordable price tag. 


We provide a variety of cleaning services to people in Melbourne. If you are in need of a professional helping hand to go ahead with your cleaning needs, you can contact us. We are able to help you with overcoming the pain and frustration linked with getting all your cleaning requirements catered. 

Here is a list of the cleaning services that we can offer to you.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

If you want your carpet to be cleaned with minimal liquid this service we offer is the perfect match. Your carpets will be dry even before we pack up our machinery after the job. We use the following method to satisfy high walking traffic areas such as offices, restaurants and all sorts of commercial requirements. We follow a 4 step process including pre-vacuuming, pre-spaying , exclusive dry cleaning technology and carpet grooming

Carpet Steam Cleaning

We are experts in carpet cleaning. Carpets tend to accumulate lots of dirt and debris along with time. This will not just take away the good looks from your carpets. You will even have to experience damages in the carpets, which would tempt you to repair them. You don’t need to deal with the expenses of replacing your carpets after they accumulate such damages. That’s why you need to get our carpet cleaning services.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

We provide comprehensive tile and ground cleaning services as well. If you see that your tiles are discolored, you can simply contact us. We will provide professional help to you with getting them cleaned.

Garden Maintenance and Removal of Junk

We provide assistance in removal of junk and clean your garden. The rubbish will be disposed accordingly, without creating any negative impact on the environment

Commercial Cleaning

Similar to residential cleaning, we are also in a position to provide you with outstanding office cleaning services. We will do it without creating any impact on your day to day operations and the staff. Since our services are flexible..

End of Lease Cleaning

If you are moving out from your home, you can go for the move out cleaning services that we offer. We
will provide you with a comprehensive move out cleaning assistance and you don’t need to focus on
anything. We will work according to the real estate checklist and ensure that end of lease cleaning is
done to perfection, outcomes with 100% bond back guarantee.

These are just few of the services that we offer. Refer to our services page to get more details about the other services that we can provide to you


Glad I contacted Proclean for my office cleaning. These guys are so professional and caring.
Checked my office and gave a very competitive quote. And the job was definitely 5 star.
Will definitely use these guys for both home and office cleaning matters.

Angelo De Silva

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